Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

More than a century of operations have resulted in a solid corporate culture, aimed to satisfy the requirements of our customers:

• High quality of fabrics

• Wide variety of catalogue products

• Special designs for specific requirements

• Competitive prices

• Direct sales from wholesaling

• Fast delivery

• Customized customer service


Fábrica María manages the value chain of textile products that it manufactures: spinning, weaving, finishing, sales and distribution.


We support the trust of our trading partners, manufacturing high-quality value-added textile products.

  • We work in harmony as a team to provide an effective service.
  • We respect our co-workers, our business partners and the environment.
  • We are honest and responsible in our acts and activities.
  • We commit ourselves to our processes and tasks
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Commitment


Consolidate as a sustainable leader in the textile sector in Latin America.

Corporate and commercial integration

 Social Responsability



Since its foundation Fábrica María has maintained a fully integrated corporate, and commercial structure. Its main operation areas are the following:


  • Manufacturing: Design, spinning, warping, gumming, weaving and finishing.

  • Sales: Customized service to wholesalers, institutions and retail; identification of new markets and promotional fairs.

  • Distribution: National deliveries with own transportation, exports and shipments by freight.


Thanks to this complex organization we are able to offer the textile market a great variety of fabrics for a vast amount of applications or final use with competitive prices and quality conditions, in a timely manner according to changes on demand.


  The strength and dynamism of Fábrica María arises from its technical and human resources.


Ecological responsibility is part of the corporate culture of Fábrica María. In this regard, we are 100% committed in complying the regulation of SEMARNAT, in connection with the proper caring of the environment, we control our atmospheric emissions and residual water discharges (we have a water treatment plant).


  Labor responsibility is another of our values and for such purpose we have current programs for safety and hygiene of the personnel.


  We fulfill our community responsibility. For instance, in past years we donated an Elementary School (construction and lot) in the area where our facilities are located. We offer the chapel for religious holidays, and religión instruction of the community.




Textile history and tradition

Textile history and tradition


Fabrica Maria is surrounded by the Atoyac river, on the edge of the old ranches, La Ladrillera y Moratilla. It runs along the present Mexico-Puebla highway, at the first entrance to Angelópolis, Kilometer 8 on the old road to Tlaxcala, along what is called the "Via Fabrica" (Fabric Route). This is so-called precisely because of the important number of textile factories that were founded on this old road, which in the old days only saw horse-drawn carriages along its charming way.


  La Constancia Mexicana, the first textile enterprise in all of Latin America, was founded by Mr. Esteban de Antuñano, the person who established the important textile tradition in this region. It was the neighbor of La Constancia y La Maria, which stood on either side of the Mexico-Puebla highway. It seems like this old and robust structure, with its immense fireplaces and located at the entrance t o the City of Angels, is safeguarding the textile tradition of this region.

After the emergence of the first textile mills such as La Constancia, others followed to make use of the wealth of the Atoyac river.


Fabrica Maria was founded in 1896 to honor the patron saint of a small Spanish village, Santa Maria Auxiliadora. Thus, Fabrica Maria was baptized as "La Maria," and has been one of the most traditional sources of work in the Mexican textile industry.

 As with many other old constructions, there exist a range of spooky legends associated with La Maria, which speak of buried treasures and even ghosts, spirits and reincarnations. AII of this lends to the factory an atmosphere of magic and mysticism, which pervades its workers and is contagious to those who visit it.


   La Maria, which at that time was on the outskirts of the city of Puebla, has an architecture characteristic of the haciendas of the era of the Porfiriato, and in the interior of this precious structure, a story has been created composed of the efforts of a great number of Mexican workers, who have left their mark by producing, throughout, cloth of the highest quality, proudly manufactured in Mexico.


  Our trade name is Fabrica Maria S.A. de C.V. We are an enduring business that is always evolving, which is why major is maintained as a source of work.

 Fabrica Maria is a totally integrated mill. We do our own yarning, weaving, finishing and confection. We also do business directly from the mill, which allows us to stay very close to our markets, and immediately fulfill their needs.

  The employees of La Maria, it s customers, it s suppliers and friends in general, constitute a big family with a common interest in being the best, displaying a high level of responsibility and conviction in the need to continue excelling.


  Fabrica Maria is a business concerned with the common good. We are proud of the friendship and support that our suppliers give us. Our primary goal is to be an outstanding transformer of raw materials into finished products that fully satisfy our customers' needs. That's why our attention is focused on providing you with the service that you deserve.



Trade Shows and expos

Trade Shows and expos


 As part of our promotion activities Fábrica María continuously participates in trade shows and expos. Thus, we promote new contacts and we promote our products; at the same time we can timely be aware of any change in demand, and new trends in the textile sector.